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Monday, July 3, 2017

3 new apps this week that you have to try right now

There are many new applications on the App Store every day, and only a few are really worth it. Having such an extensive catalog of apps, sometimes we do not know if some interesting application has come out .
That's why, today I bring you the 3 best applications that have come out this week in the App Store . They are very interesting applications that you probably want to take a look at.

My UV patch

UV patch de l'Óreal.An application to help us have a healthy habit when it comes to exposing us for a long time in the sunlight . My UV patch consists of a patch (purchased in stores) that is placed on the skin.
With the application we can perform a scan of the patch and give us the level of UV exposure we have . It also tells us when we should stop sunbathing and how long it is recommended to stay. This app is great for people who love to toast in the sun or for those who have children.

Priime RAW

Flowers to Priime Raw.A high resolution image editing application. This application has a very wide spectrum of color to be able to see all the beauty of the images we take .
Priime RAW has clever suggestions, these recommend you what filters and tools it would be convenient to use . In addition, it has a very complete editing history, so you can go back at any time if the results do not convince you. ?


Spearman level 5.Sometimes we just want to play a little game on our iPhone that will keep us entertained for a while. The new Spearman game is completely free and keeps our minds busy for a long time .
It is a very simple game, you just have to throw spears at enemies. Drag and release your finger to aim and throw a spear . The force with which you cast it does not affect speed or trajectory, so you should only worry about aiming. In addition there are different types of enemies, from archers to javelin throwers, there are even magicians!

Honorable mentions

Of course, they are not the only good applications that have come out this week, there are a couple more applications that you surely want to take a look at your free time . I leave them below so that you can go and see for yourself in the App Store.

Three Jump

An entertaining game of jumping obstacles.


A simple application that performs an action to happen something determined.
Remember that many new applications come out every day and it never hurts to keep an eye on the news of the App Store. All applications that have managed to be crowned today were new at the time and gradually gained a place in the ranking of the App Store.

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