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Sunday, July 2, 2017

4 Reasons to Buy an iPad Before a MacBook in 2017

Since a few years ago and since Apple introduced the first iPad Pro, began an intense debate within the Apple world where users debated whether it was better an iPad Pro or a MacBook to work .
As a user of both, today we will show you four reasons to prefer an iPad to a MacBook , although as the decision is each of us soon will also publish another article where we will discuss the reasons to buy a MacBook before an iPad Pro.

Easier to carry

IPad Pro and MacBook
Needless to say, even if we compare a 13-inch MacBook with the larger iPad of 12.9 inches, the latter is much easier to carry to be lighter and not have a keyboard unless we have added one .
The difference in weight between the iPad a MacBook model is more than double for the latter, something that makes the iPad much more attractive to those people who need to be transporting your devicefrom side to side.

Power is no longer a problem

The first generations of tablets were designed for users who needed very basic features and did not want to spend a lot of money on a new laptop, so the power of these products was quite debatable .
However today and with the new line of iPad Pro, Apple has created products so powerful that during the last year we have seen how several of the iPad of this course, outperformed in power and performance to several of the most current models of MacBook .

The operating system is ideal

IPad Pro and MacBook
We agree that macOS is an ideal operating system and that engages the public as soon as it proves, the problem is that iPad have iOS, that operating system we have seen grow and improve since the first iPhone came out ten years ago .
This is precisely why the operating system favors the iPad and its touch screen. Also we must not forget that with a keyboard and some new features that will bring iOS 11, devices like the iPad will have a much more professional component from now.

The Apple Pencil is the best add-on for our iPad

We have already seen that we can do much with this accessory in our iPad Pro, but surely this year Apple presents many more new features for an Apple Pencil that helps us to work, to write or to be more precise than with the finger, becoming a Essential for those who test it and truly use it.
These four reasons are more than enough for those who are hesitating between buying an iPad or a MacBook, but the logical thing is to wait for our next article to see what are the strengths of a MacBook .

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