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Saturday, July 22, 2017

5 new games this week and also free

One more week, and a new collection of games from the App Store for iPhone and iPad . This time we've collected the latest iOS game releases.
To be fair, this year 2017 has not been a great year for mobile games ... While we wait for the most interesting titles to be presented soon, have been appearing games for iPhone and iPad quite entertaining, but not so spectacular. Except, of course, Monument Valley 2.
Now, without further delay, we start with the list of new games from the App Store . All of them are totally free, so ... to download!

Free iOS Games for iPhone and iPad


An exciting game set in the style of the 80s with graphics plagued by colors, futurism and neon lights. It is an endless runner with very intuitive controls.


Video belonging to a similar game.
If you like ladies and board games, Checkers will love it. It is a multiplayer game in which you can challenge your friends to very exciting games with different game modes.

Leap On!

We continue with an interesting skill game, again, free. In Leap On! You control a small sphere and your objective will be to jump, to bounce and to dodge the rest of spheres. Very addictive!

Line Ride

Line Ride is another free skill game for iPhone and iPad. It is colorful, different, creative and very fun. Fascinating your music. You will surely love it!

WWE Tap Mania

And for fans of wrestling ... A WWE arcade! There are the most charismatic and legendary characters in WWE. It's from SEGA, so ... Expect lots of fun!

And additionally ...

Minecraft Story Mode 2

To end with this list of game recommendations, it was imperative to include the second season of Minecraft Story 2, a game of graphic adventure in which your decisions will influence the course of history. The only bad thing is that this game is not free, but it is fun and highly recommended.
And if these games have not been enough for you ... Do not worry! Visit our extensive archive of games for iPhone and iPad , sure to find your favorite.

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