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Sunday, July 9, 2017

7 accessories for your iPhone 7 Plus

We recently talked about some useful accessories for the iPhone 7 , today we go with his big brother, the iPhone 7 Plus. It is incredible how many accessories we can find for virtually any device, we have chosen the ones that are sure to be the most essential .

Selfie ring

You can not let it escape for two reasons, first for its price and second, that is valid for any device. It has a button that regulates three brightness intensities. With this ring and this tutorial , you will not fail with your autofotos .
Selfie Ring€ 6.99TO BUY
PVP 5,09 €

Screen saver

For this price you get 3 units of a tempered glass protector. Many times they manage to save us from some major scare . If we take accounts, they leave at less than 3 euros each sheet.
Pack 3 screen protectors€ 5.95TO BUY
PVP € 5.95
Apple orders 70 million OLED screens to Samsung

Screen Cleaner

Probably always solve the cleaning issue with a rag and something you have at home, but this product is specifically designed for electronic devices . Comes with a suede and the capacity of the boat is 50 ml.
Screen Cleaner€ 12.95TO BUY
PVP 12.95 €


With this accessory you will avoid leaving your phone anywhere, besides giving you a direct view of the screen . It is very stable, and holds true for many devices of other brands. Yes, also for iPad.
Support€ 9.99TO BUY
PVP 9,99 €


This case is not of leather, but of a simile called polipiel. For what it costs, it has a very nice touch and offers enough protection, in addition to aging very well .
Sheath€ 2.69TO BUY
PVP 9,88 €

Extreme battery

With it you make sure you do not get thrown in any moment. Its high capacity, 20,000 mAh provides several cycles of full charge. It has 2 outputs of 2.4 amps .
Extreme battery€ 24.99TO BUY
PVP € 24.99

AirRings for AirPods

These silicone rings allow you to attach your AirPods for better grip. They come 4 units and their light color makes them almost imperceptible .
AirRings€ 2.69TO BUY
PVP 2.69 €
This has been our selection that surely will not leave you indifferent, now is your time and complete in comments those you have or want to recommend us . We will wait for you.

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