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Friday, July 14, 2017

8 free limited time applications for iPhone and iPad

Although there are already many people on vacation, application developers do not rest . In rare occasions, they decide to put their applications free for a limited time . Unfortunately for those who are having fun on the beach and have disconnected from the mobile completely, this is one of those times when certain applications have become free for a limited time .
Below is a list of some of these applications. Take advantage and test all as soon as possible, you may find one that you find really useful .

PRO Screen

An application that will serve to stylize and personalize our iPhone . We can choose a wallpaper and add details so that the iOS interface will fit perfectly to those details. Works for both iOS 7 and iOS 8, probably updated in the future.

Daedalus Touch

Daedalus Touch ApplicationA text editor for iOS. Its operation is simplified to the extreme . There are no folders, no files or documents, everything works with gestures and layers. The gestures used by this app are very intuitive and natural , you can change pages by sliding your finger, move paragraphs by dragging them and many other gestures that make it much easier to write text with iOS.


If we are bored of emojis in iMessages, StickerFist can give some variety to your conversations . You can add many funny and unique stickers to photos to send them to anyone you want as an image.


An amazing and useful tool that works together with the calendar of our iPhone or iPad . It allows you to attach files, notes or contacts to different events. With just a few touches, the files will be saved in the events that we have created.

Countdown +

An extremely simple application. Perform and display a countdown on days of an upcoming event , such as the day of your graduation or any major game.


Rapture ApplicationThis application allows us to create music using the artificial intelligence and the camera of your mobile . Simply point to an object around you and Rapto will create the lyrics of a rap song recognizing the object .

Lisn - Sync Music Chat

With this application, you can share music and listen to it with your contacts , because while you chat with them the song will play and synchronize with everyone.


An application designed to be highly customizable and functional. It will serve to create lists of things to do , has more features than the native application of iOS and takes great advantage of the screen of the device.

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