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Sunday, July 2, 2017

A case for the new iPad Pro for less than $ 20

Much has been said recently about the new iPad Pro and how it will replace the MacBook in 2017 for a number of different reasons . This new tablet presented by Apple this year in the WWDC 2017 does not stop surprising us with each step that gives fresh out of the crib. Soon we will be able to make use of iOS 11 in this iPad because it is one of the compatible with this operating system.
One of the biggest reasons they throw back people who may become potential customers for Apple when it comes to buying their products is without a doubt the price of these. And is that even covers for iPad were worth an exaggerated amount compared to other protections of these characteristics for the competition , to put a simple example, the other day I took a walk through the shops of the capital of my city and saw covers IPad to 60 and 70 euros.

The great welcome to the new iPad Pro

Ipad pro 10.5 inches
As we told you above, the new iPad Pro 10.5 inches is a taste and privilege for all our senses . From its large and innovative display to hardware, in which all aspects of this have been drastically improved. The new iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM and a smaller processor, but at the same time more powerful than the previous one , this demonstrates the ability of Apple to get even more advantage of the imaginable to smaller CPU.
Returning to the subject of the covers and the faces that they are, it seems that like the rest of the products of this company, they have lowered the prices of a quite considerable way, since it has left a cover for the new iPad Pro that will be worth even Less than US $ 20 . We will show below the characteristics that this affordable case is looked at where you look and functional presents:
It is clear that having higher-priced covers may not be the best protection offered , but does its job in a very sophisticated way and without leaving us an organ in the store to buy one. Especially for Android users who have just bought an iPad or any Apple product, because if a case for an Android tablet or similar at most will cost us about 10 euros, this may seem a fortune for a simple protection of these dimensions .

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