Monday, July 3, 2017

A developer uses ARKit to imagine how a Tesla Model 3 would look on the door of your house

A few days ago we saw some spectacular examples of what can be done with the new augmented reality library ARKit that offers iOS 11 . The developers are testing a lot of things, and the one of today also surprises because it allows to unleash dreams that one can have, for example, to see a Tesla Model 3 in the entrance of your house. This electric vehicle is highly anticipated, not in vain the brand has more than 400,000 people waiting after having paid 1000 dollars for a reservation several years before they can have the car.
Tesla Model 3 gray
For this reason, this developer called Jelmer Verhoog wanted to see how this car would look while waiting for them to make one. Its mass production begins next Friday . The result, as you can see below, is quite spectacular.

We can imagine, soon, many programmers putting a Ferrari or Porsche in the garage of their house 
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