Saturday, July 29, 2017

A diagram supposedly included in the iPhone Pro box shows us a full screen front

Pictures of an instruction booklet have appeared in what is supposed to be the case of the iPhone Pro, or iPhone 8. In that diagram, we can see the front of the terminal, occupied almost entirely by a screen that is only interrupted by An entree at the top , as we have already seen in design concepts and models .
In the schematic we can also see how the power button on the right appears to be significantly larger than the current one, something some see as an indication of the inclusion of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. In the incoming top, however, we can see only the handset and what appears to be the front camera, without apparently having more sensors such as rumored face recognition, infrared light or even the sensor that detects the level of illumination Or the proximity of the cheek when talking, that many years ago that we use in the iPhone.
The scheme could be false, but if we compare it with the one that appears in the box of the iPhone 7, the truth is that it presents many similarities .
Content of the iPhone 7 case
Real filtration? Image edited very well in Photoshop? It does not look like it, but in about two months, we will leave doubts.
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