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Sunday, July 23, 2017

A new video about the Apple Park shows amazing news

We have all heard of Apple Park, the new headquarters of the big apple that is in Cupertino, Southern California, but more specifically a 10 minute drive from the old headquarters of the company. This modern and contemporary building has given much to talk about in recent years, especially for its particular shape and dimensions that this new center houses . The Californian firm can boast of having a house like no other in the world and that other brands can only dream.

What more could we expect?

Apple in Cupertino
What more news could we expect on this new great venue? Well given the circumstances and all the news that have been appearing lately about it we thought we could not get to know more. Recently drone pilots were banned from flying over the premises owned by the Cupertino company thanks to a sensor that automatically called the police, this action was carried out , as well as a safeta with the sole function of calling the authorities In case you see someone doing this.
The works are still going on, but the evolution that has undergone and experienced the Apple Park over the last few months is incredible . We can see a video released by a company that bought a few satellites to Google: Planet Labs, which shows us in a video of 18 seconds the changes that have been happening recently. What is most striking about this building is still the shape and dimensions that it has, but it is so large that it will even have a visitor center made solely and exclusively to meet the needs of the most curious followers.
After all that was believed about the prohibition of the drones, it seems that has recently come to light another video made by one of these flying sections in which you can see something quite curious inside the Apple Park: a tunnel that Passes underneath which is under construction and the continuation of the visiting center mentioned above . We leave here the video in question so that you can be yourself witness of the evolutions and news that has experienced the Apple Park lately.

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