Friday, July 14, 2017

A new video of the Apple Park appears, this time in 4K

As we have seen an occasion through more than one medium, the evolution that has experienced Apple Park, the new headquarters of the company Cupertino, Southern California, is incredible . The new house of the bite apple is impressive no matter where you look, and every two by three comes a new video made by a dron pilot flying over this great modern contemporary building.
Although, as we have told you on more than one occasion, it seems that the Apple people do not like this kind of thing and have hired a security staff with the sole and exclusive function of arresting people who do this type Of things . In the Apple Park there is even a system that detects if there is a dron flying over the area and automatically calls the police , although they will not be able to do much since it is not illegal to do this above the new headquarters of Cupertino unless they declare Who have reasons for not wanting this type of gadgets strolling around their area, a reason would be because it bothers employees or because it can reveal brand secrets.
Apple in Cupertino
The Apple Park has been news for a long time, but now more than ever. It was everywhere, on the Internet, that the homes around this new Apple headquarters are being revalued in an incredible way, there have been cases of houses that were worth $ 750,000 and only in the course of 6 years have passed To be worth a million and a half dollars, twice its original value.
It seems that after all the controversy and controversy of the drones flying over the Apple Park, someone has managed to make a rather curious 4K video while walking over this great building. Next, we leave you the video in question so you can enjoy and see it with your eyes yourself.
It is a luxury to be alive at this time and to witness all the changes that a company like Apple is doing in the world of electronics, although they no longer innovate at the speed and in the way they did before, they still leave us open-mouthed with Each of his creations and soon we will be able to see the iPhone 8, the most expensive terminal in history , live and live.
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