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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

After announcing the HomePod, Samsung also adds

As we all know, the new technology with an intelligent voice for our house years ago may seem crazy, but nowadays it is a reality that is increasingly expanding . The current competitor who leads the market in this type of thing is without a doubt Amazon, which has more than 70% of all market for them alone. Amazon said that if they ever got competition from any site, they would not be worried because they are sure to have the best technology and the best price in the world in this futuristic section.
It has been announced months ago to launch a smart home voice system similar to this one from Amazon, but in this case the owner and creator is Apple, his name sure sounds to many: HomePod. It basically does the same functions as Amazon's Echo Speaker, but its voice will be Siri and as it has not yet been released, it may include a number of unique features that would welcome the market.

Samsung and Apple join Amazon

One of the leading companies in the mobile phone market is without a doubt Samsung. The big South Korean company is by far the biggest seller of smartphone worldwide, given that of all the smart phones in the world, 25% are of this brand . This has nothing to do with which is the best selling mobile of the year, in this case Apple wins, given that its iPhone 7 is the best-selling mobile phone we have in 2017 .
Competition continues between Samsung and the Cupertino company to such an extent that as Apple announced the announcement of HomePod, Samsung said they were planning to create something similar, a system for our house with a smart voice . Plagiarism is very common in today's electronics market, a clear example of this is the case of the chief manager of the Surface range of Microsoft which said that the company of the block copied the design of their tablets With the iPad Pro, although this does not make much sense, so said this man.
Honestly no one can accuse Apple of plagiarism, it may be of inspiration, but not of copying features characteristic of other products for its own benefit, more than anything because all products to this day have some reference with the company's Cupertino .

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