Thursday, July 6, 2017

All iPhone models that Apple launches during the year 2018 will have OLED screen

This year, we all look forward to that first iPhone model that uses an OLED screen, which is probably all screenand totally eliminate the Home button. Although it is still unclear whether Touch ID will be available under the screen , on the power button or if Apple will remove it from the spec list .
While we wait to see what happens with this first OLED iPhone exactly, Nikkei tells us that all the iPhone models that Apple launches next year, will have OLED screen. The plans seem to be to migrate the entire iPhone platform to OLED screens in two or three years, so the latest iPhones with LCD are the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus that Apple is expected to present this year next to the aforementioned iPhone 8 or IPhone Pro all screen .
The idea makes a lot of sense because OLED screens are almost essential if you want to get more battery life in future iPhone models. The efficiency and consumption of the processors is undoubtedly improving, but at present the component that consumes the most energy is the LCD, which always has its backlight panel on throughout the area of ​​the screen while it is being used, independently Of the content it displays. OLED screens only consume energy in each pixel that have lit , and although they can also have a high consumption when the whole screen is illuminated in white, in general those situations are given in few occasions and the average consumption is considerably smaller along Of a day.
Samsung OLED Display
Although it is rumored that Apple could be investing in future LG OLED panel factories , Samsung Display, the largest manufacturer of such screens worldwide, would be the great beneficiary of this technology change.
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