Sunday, July 16, 2017

Amazon could soon publish its own WhatsApp

Amazon Anytime Instant Messaging App

Instant messaging Apps have multiplied in recent years, with all kinds of offers that never stop coming. The next could be Amazon , called Anytime , which in theory is being prepared but has not yet been published. The point that differentiates this App from all others would be its advanced functions to send group messages to a number of people at the same time.
Friends would register in this App with usernames, so it would not be necessary or obligatory to have a phone number to use it, something that would open the door to its use from a computer, tablet or smartphone regardless of the operating system used in each case. Of course, it would include free VoIP phone calls, as well as high validity video calls. The other functionalities that can not be missing would be support for animated GIFs, and end-to-end data encryption, functions that we have long been able to use in WhatsApp or Telegram , among others.
Amazon Anytime Instant Messaging App
Filters for photos or videos, mini-games, location sharing or an invoice to pay in a restaurant ... or even talk to a company, is something that would also come standard on the hypothetical first version of this App, which would give Amazon its Your own instant messaging platform with which you can also answer, for example, questions or questions from customers of your online sales service in the future. It would basically be like a competitor of WhatsApp that is born with all the improvements that over the years has been acquiring the one that until now has been the most popular chat App.
The information comes from Aftvnews , which has obtained the images that detail how the image will be and illustrate this article.
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