Thursday, July 13, 2017

Amazon Echo renewal could come soon and looks a lot like Apple's HomePod

Apple has set a precedent in the world of speakers with one of the products I presented in the last WWDC of 2017. This product is none other than well-known by all HomePod, that speaker with integrated Siri on which Apple would have focused In its quality of sound .
When this product was only a rumor, many media described Apple as deluded when it came to a product that would look a lot like Amazon Echo or Google Home but in an expensive version to have the apple logo. However Apple has been silent all criticism by presenting a product focused on sound quality and design , providing the user with a product that has truly penetrated the public in the technological world.
Apple's HomePod against Amazon and Google wizards
So much so that the first rumors coming to us that will be the renovation of the Amazon Echo, claim that it could receive a total face wash both inside and out. So much so that Amazon would create a much larger product by abandoning the design of the first generation , and approaching the version of Apple and bet on a higher quality of sound.
No doubt the arrival of Apple has been the trigger for this change is of how they claim from Engadget . It seems that Amazon more than redesigning its product adding some improvements, what it will do is create a product very similar to the HomePod of the people of Cupertino .

Apple homepod
Even this filtration ensures that this new version could be wireless, to offer a better user experience, and have a fabric-like design and we have already seen in Apple but in this case in the form of mesh .
As much as Californians are criticized within the world of technology, no one can doubt that Apple is still the benchmark that all other colleagues copy their duties because they know that always has them well . We will now see how this market changes, once the much sought after product of the people of Cupertino goes on sale.
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