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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Amazon would be working with a secret team on health issues

Like Apple, Amazon has now claimed to have a team of secret workers dedicated to health, more specifically electronic medical records and telemedicine . 
A new CNBC report has detailed the team's nickname, which would be 1492 , referring to the year Columbus landed in the Americas.

Health and technology are increasingly linked to each other

The report explains that the secret team that has Amazon working would be focused on both hardware projects , emphasize that it is not clear at 100%, as software , which demonstrates the enormous capacity of diversification of products that the multinational has. 
Amazon's goal would be to put the information transferred by electronic medical records to the patients and their respective physicians . 
In addition, Amazon would be exploring a new platform focused on telemedicine . Achieving this challenge would allow people the ability to more easily schedule virtual consultations with their doctors. On the other hand, Has also speculated on the possibility that Amazon began selling products from the pharmaceutical field through its website. 
As we said before, the 1492 team would be working on both software and hardware level, so this team would be actively exploring the integration of health applications into their own Echo and Dash Wand equipment , including voice capability For Alexa .
Amazon Echo
Everything would come to be confirmed if we look for some information, for example in the most popular professional social network currently LinkedIn , we see how Amazon has hired numerous employees who could be involved in the project, such as an experienced learning director In health care technology infrastructures. For its part, Amazon Web Services has hired several health experts to improve relationships with hospitals and pharmaceutical providers. 
On top of all this, Amazon would be trying to better coordinate all these efforts through a series of meetings with top company leaders as well as the suppliers that deliver the products.

Apple, Amazon and other big companies are betting on the integration of health services in our devices

The efforts that Amazon is putting on health issues could come, in essence, from the high interest that Apple is also putting in this field. 
A report in early 2017 told us that Apple would be working to turn our iPhone into a medical control center from which we could extract all our medical information. It is also rumored that Apple would be working with Apple Watch on services that could inform us about issues related to diabetes .
Apple Watch
Apple has a strong health ecosystem thanks to Apple Watch and Health application on iOS devices , but Amazon has a huge customer base and, therefore, personal information of these, aspects that make us doubt who would be able To position itself in first position in this technological race.

Personal opinion on health applications

Apple allows us to follow data related to the exercise we do, but does not yet incorporate exhaustive clinical information, improvement that will come with the new update.
Health on the iPhone
Personally, I consider these types of applications to be essential , not in the present but in the short term , since our visits to the hospital or doctor could be limited only to matters of real importance and not to minutiae that could generally And so, in this way, medical centers would not be so collapsed.
And you, who do you think will get a bigger share of the market in this area? Do you use Health? Leave us your comments, we will be happy to read them.
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