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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

An alternative when it comes to repairing the Apple Watch 1 in China

China is one of Apple's favorite countries, because it is one of those responsible for maintaining a firm and essential pillar in Apple's revenue: the iPhone. That's right, no one will find this new concept since in the back of our apple smartphone we have written "Made in China" followed by "Designed in California", everything has to be said. The relationship between the first power in Asia and the Cupertino company has been built over the years, since the California firm has been manufacturing its terminals here for quite some time because of the low cost of both labor and Materials and requirements to build one .
We also know that inside the Chinese market we can find anything . And so it is, because if you thought the only way to repair your Apple Watch was to send it to Apple to wait for the long and costly process that this entails, you're wrong. Although not the most ideal and responsible, you can get to repair the smart clock of the apple at home, but we repeat, is not recommended and more if we have no knowledge on these issues.

Cheap can be expensive

Today we come to present you a possible and effective replacement for the screen of the Apple Watch Series 1. Since this fragment is unofficial, we would run the same risk as if we took it to a store or any other site or unofficial establishment of Apple to Repair, in which they will put us a piece not registered by the company, and in doing all this we lose all the guarantee of the product . If you are patient and do not mind waiting a little longer, it is wise to call customer service or get in touch in the way that most comfortable you are and explain your problem, and do not worry, since Apple is The company with the most valued consumer service in the world of electronics.
Apple Watch
To achieve this success, we must have a series of tools, because the smaller Apple product will cost more to open to change the piece in question, and there is no gadget smaller than the company Apple Watch. If you want to know more about this topic, look for portals like Aliexpress, usually around 80 and 88 euros, so it will be more profitable to call customer service as we said something above.

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