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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

An application can predict which photos will succeed on Instagram

Having an attractive Instagram that attracts several likes and followers is the best reward for those who constantly share content, especially when it is part of a work plan. In that sense, there are many tips that explain how to make a photo that meets the requirements that make it the favorite of many and now, there is also an application available to iOS users, called Lisa.
Lisa is an app based on artificial intelligence able to identify which, among several options of photographs, qualifies as the best to upload to the account of Instagram, achieving more interactions and positive reactions from users. Without doubt, it is the type of applications that would make us stop spending hours editing an image in vain, when we can go with the right one at a time.
Updating Instagram to version 6.40

Lisa: The app that chooses the best photos for Instagram

Lisa is an application available on the App Store that can also provide a numerical approximation of the reactions that the image will receive. Among other things, it also suggests the use of specific hashtagsfor those users who like to use them.
This tool is available for free in the iOS users' app store, making it a perfect choice for those users who want to go beyond instinct and have "secure" publications in their account.
Lisa: Photo Assistant for Instagram

At first glance, Lisa seems like an additional application perfect to use on Instagram, and this gives you many benefits, especially when you consider how complete the interface of this social network is that every day grows in features and especially in users , Which has made it the most popular among followers of this type of applications.

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