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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Announced a new event for the first anniversary of Pokémon GO

As expected, Niantic just announced a few minutes ago a new event for the anniversary of Pokémon GO , which today marks one year since it was launched in the App Store of New Zealand.
On this occasion, the event will not offer catch bonus, experience or candy, but will focus on Ash's Pikachu , giving coaches the chance to catch him with the iconic hero of the legendary Pokémon anime hero.

Ash's mythical Pikachu hits GO Pokémon for its first anniversary

It's hard to believe that Pokémon GO launched just a year ago, and what an incredible year it has been! Since joining us last July, they have demonstrated the true power of Pokémon GO and augmented reality games by exploring the world on foot, building new friends and discovering new places in their own neighborhoods. Throughout this incredible journey they have captured more than 125 million Pokémon and made countless memories along the way. But, there are many more adventures to come.
Just a few weeks ago, the celebration of the first anniversary began with an explosion. You and millions of other coaches went out to fight in the revamped gyms and participate in raids with family and friends for the first time, but this was just the beginning of a couple of months of action. The celebration continues with special Pikachu wearing a familiar hat that appears all over the world. From July 6 to 1:00 pm. PDT until July 24 at 1:00 PM PDT, Pikachu discovered in the wild will carry Ash's famous hat from the TV show Pokémon, so make sure you do not miss the opportunity to catch one! You can also stock up for Incursions and future events with the special Limited Anniversary Box that will include Incubators, Max Resuscitations,
Stay tuned for even more exciting news over the next few weeks, including additional information on Pokémon GO Fest this July, events held at selected Unibail-Rodamco locations in August and September, and the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, Japan this August . "
Similarly, Niantic gives us the opportunity to stock up on Incursions and future events with a ' Special Anniversary Box ', which will include  Incubators, Max Resuscitations, Ultra Balls and an Incursion Pass with a discount at the game store.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that the event will last longer than usual , starting today and ending on July 24.
Pokémon GO is available for free , is universal and compatible with the Apple Watch .
Pokémon GO (AppStore Link) Pokémon GO 
Developer: Niantic, Inc.

Rated: 9+3
Price: Free

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