Saturday, July 8, 2017

Apple asks to add augmented and virtual reality applications on the iCloud brand

According to the latest information, Apple would have asked the Hong Kong Trademark Office to add augmented reality and virtual reality applications on the iCloud brand.
The fact that Apple has made this movement implies that at least, Cupertino have been interested in both technologies and intend to market a product in the future as long as it finally seems interesting, something totally logical in a company how Apple .

Apple is interested in augmented reality and virtual reality

Similarly, I find it quite important to note that these applications include not only glasses or helmets, but also rings and bracelets, which indicates that Apple wants to keep his backs pretty well in case any of the so-called 'trolls' companies want to come into play With some demand.
On the other hand, the fact that iCloud is mentioned can be quite interesting, since the company of the bite apple could use the service to synchronize all the preferences that we configure in these hypothetical devices.
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