Saturday, July 29, 2017

Apple begins paying $ 2 billion to Nokia after agreeing on patents

Apple has begun paying the $ 2 billion , about $ 1.7 billion, to the Finnish company Nokia, with which it reached an extrajudicial agreement after litigating in courts of half world by disputes of patents.
The news has been known thanks to the financial data that Nokia has given the second fiscal quarter of 2017, which were later confirmed in the transcript of this announcement of economic results that is in Seeking Alpha , as money that came from Apple. With $ 250 billion in the bank, this $ 2 billion is likely to be nothing more than a scam for Apple from a distance, but it can not be denied that it's a lot of money, more than the vast majority of businesses in years ... It is very important to keep this in mind.
Confirmation that money comes from Apple
Apparently, Apple still has to pay even more money to Nokia for its patents, although it has not transcended how much, nor when will transfer it.
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