Monday, July 31, 2017

Apple bets on LG to downplay Samsung's OLED panels

For several months, rumors, leaks and analysts said that Apple would bet on OLED technology for the screens of their iPhone, but today the people of Cupertino could take another giant step by this new technology, betting on an ally that would help To manufacture the panels of their iPhone for the next few years .
Specifically is the well-known KGI Securities medium through its analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is the one that has uncovered what are the future plans of the people of Cupertino to bet on a technology that presumably will be present in their iPhone from the next IPhone 8 once presented.
This new information ensures that Apple would want to shield itself against future problems like the ones happened during this last year with the OLED panels that will mount the iPhone 8 , and that it supplies them Samsung. The Californians have opted for a new ally to be able to manufacture this type of panels in the most convenient way for their terminals.
LG's Koreans have been chosen by Apple to be one of the pieces that most help in the development of their OLED panels in the coming years , and in this way to be able to diversify the production of this component so important for the company Of the apple, and to be able to turn off a little of Samsung to be currently the largest manufacturer of panels with this technology.
LG Display
A few months ago it was rumored that Apple would bet on LG to try to downplay the panels that Samsung supplies today, and even the latest news says that LG could supply the people of Cupertino 30 percent of these panels in 2020 .
Now we only have to see how this decision will affect the company, and we will see if by 2020 this OLED technology is as important as it currently seems to be or if another technology will appear that will push companies to another direction.
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