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Monday, July 24, 2017

Apple CarPlay will be available on the 2018 Honda Ridgeline

We have already explained to you what the Apple CarPlay is and if it really works for something and if so its purpose . Basically it is a screen that will be in our car and will try to do the same role that Siri does in our terminals and other Apple products: help us. The real purpose of this software is to be our co-pilot on the road, as a conventional GPS, but interactive and at the same time giving us more data than a device with these normal characteristics would give us, although some do not have this in our Cars and we do not feel that we still need to be aware that it can be of great help at the wheel.

They start up again

IPhone connected by Honda Link
Very recently we could see how Apple was already talking to Honda to incorporate the Apple CarPlay in one of its best selling models , ie the Honda Accord, but in its version for next year . This car manufactured by the Japanese brand is one of the best sellers on the market and the most beloved simultaneously because of the great quality and safety that this offers without leaving aside the power, all for a fair and reasonable price.
It seems that the negotiations have not finished, as they are close to signing another contract incorporating this software Apple another car in question, this time there is a family sedan, but a van: the Honda Ridgeline . This car has had the recognition in the United States to be the most reliable and secure in its category , is why the Cupertino company has decided to add the Apple carplay to it. Like the Honda Accord, the Ridgeline will come with it built into its 2018 model.
Something really true is that the collaborations that Apple has done throughout its history have finished most of these in a resounding success . Not only within the car industry with Mercedes or Honda, but also with numerous leading brands in their respective sectors, a clear example of this are the Nike shoes that can be connected by bluetooth to Apple Watch to know the distance traveled, calories Burned and other similar data. Without a doubt these are the things that made us fall in love with the apple bite.

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