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Monday, July 17, 2017

Apple CarPlay will be included in the 2018 Honda Accord

For none of us is any novelty to talk about Apple CarPlay, what's more, recently we told you the utility and what this system serves . With the amount of rumors that are appearing about the company of the bite apple and the creation of its own car, the stir that has had this news has been chilling, and is that by putting the words "car" with "Apple" is normal That pass this kind of thing .

Honda and Apple working together

IOS in the car in the Honda Civic 2014
A manufacturer that we have seen on other occasions have something to do with the company Cupertino, Honda, seems to have signed an agreement with the apple or something similar, given that the Japanese brand will take to 2018 its model of Honda Accord car with a Support for the Apple CarPlay , this will come with an 8-inch screen which is large enough to be able to see it from any angle as a driver's viewpoint and not too spacious to be a distraction behind the wheel.
It seems that it will not be for all Honda Accord, but only for the 2.0T model and a 1.5T hybrid option . That adds endless possibilities in driving and many self-help that can be very useful in certain situations. For all those Android users who are reading this, you do not have to worry because the 8-inch screen mentioned above is also compatible with the equivalent of the Apple CarPlay on Android, ie Android Auto.
And is that, it is difficult to see how far the difference between looking at the mobile while driving or looking at the screen of our car , especially in those models where the screen is somewhat low, which leads us to remove the Eyes on the road. What good is the usefulness that Apple CarPlay can be if it can make us kill ourselves?
The Cupertino company is trying to make this Siri-like assistant for our car as our co-pilot , which will inform us of all the events that are happening in the traffic near us or in which we are about to cross, although already There are plenty of applications for our iPhone that show us this kind of thing. Most people do not have Apple CarPlay and we can continue to live without it.

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