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Monday, July 31, 2017

Apple confirms by mistake the design of the iPhone 8 and its system of unlocking with facial recognition

These kinds of situations are very unusual, but someone at Apple has just made a big mistake, those that are remembered for years. In the firmware of the HomePod , which already revealed details about this speaker with Siri that Apple will go on sale later this year, there are also references to the design of the future all-screeniPhone , which by now we call iPhone 8 but many also call iPhone Pro Among the files of this version of iOS for the HomePod, we can find an icon that shows us and confirms the design of the front of this new iPhone in which the screen occupies practically all except a small area in the top that Is reserved for the front camera and other sensors.
As we see, the icon that Apple uses shows us that design that we have been seeing in models for months. The HomePod uses a modified iOS version, but it does not stop iOS, the same one used on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. For some reason, this icon and other details that speak for example of how to unlock that iPhone without Home button, appear among all the files of the operating system. We are sure Tim Cook is very, very angry right now with someone on the HomePod development team for having allowed these files to be posted to the developer portal with this first beta of the HomePod firmware.

A facial release system

The big question about the iPhone 8, is what Apple will do to replace the fingerprint sensor of the Home button. There have been all sorts of rumors; Underneath the screen was an option, on the back of the terminal as the competition does, too ... even on one side, on the Home button, we have another possible option. One of the rumors that has most sounded these days tells us that Apple could remove the fingerprint sensor completely, and with it, basically all Touch ID. As we have said many times, it is difficult to imagine an iPhone without fingerprint sensor because Apple Pay, many Apps etc use that system to identify the user. However, in the HomePod firmware we can find references to a new library called BiometricKit that allows, among other things, Use a facial recognition system to unlock the system . We are talking about files and code that Apple itself has included in iOS ... this is not a rumor. It's something that can easily be bought with a copy of that HomePod firmware.
References to PearlID in the HomePod firmware
As we see, within BiometricKit refers to PearlID , a new identification system that until now we did not know. In this other case we can see mentions to the facial recognition system.
Facial Recognition in iOS
PearlID or FaceID appears to use a facial recognition system that uses infrared light to detect a face and identify it even in conditions of total darkness. Those sensors that emit infrared light could be located next to the front camera in this new iPhone.
Infrared Mentions in the HomePod iOS
All these hints have been found by developer Steven Troughton Smith , examining the files of that HomePod firmware.

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