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Monday, July 10, 2017

Apple hires staff from its current GPU provider

Apple seems to be very serious about making in the not too distant future, almost all of its hardware. Those in Cupertino are in the midst of a very aggressive battle to recruit staff from their former collaborator Imagination Technologies , the British manufacturer who designs the chips behind the GPUs used in today's iOS devices.

Imagination Technologies and Apple begin their battle with staff

According to our fellow The Telegraph media Cupertino could be creating their own team to design their next GPU . A circumstance that needs a staff specified in these labors. Those in Silicon Valley should think that there is no better staff than your former employees, which is why the American company is opening the offices of this group of workers, just a few kilometers from the Imagination Technologies campus.
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The giant of Silicon Valley has just leased a large 2000 square meters offices in St Albans , just a few minutes away from the official headquarters of Imagination Technologies. Apple plans to use these offices to develop its own graphics technology, as Cupertino has already reported that they will not renew their commitment to Imagination Technologies a few months ago. All of this, coupled with Apple's enormous potential in recruiting employees, makes Imagination Technologies people stand out for its most prominent and well-projected employees .

All these disputes have come for some time

The Telegraph reported that Apple has already hired several Imagination employees in recent months, including the company's COO, John Metcalfe , however, it seems Apple will not be able to hire all the people it had planned to hire as some Are quite reluctant to move from London to Cupertino in the future. That's why Apple counterattacks with the rental of these offices in United Kingdom. A maneuver that ends up eliminating the need to move these employees to another country that is not theirs.
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The new office in the center of St Albans is just a few kilometers from the Imagination Technologies base in Hertfordshire Kings Langley. Apple already warned its former chip supplier that within two years its current contract would not be renewed. Imagination responded by invoking a dispute resolution clause in its contract, and stated that Apple would not be able to design graphics chips without using its patented technology.
The battle between the two companies intensified last week when Imagination claimed that Apple had made " lamentable unsubstantiated claims " where Cupertino's allegedly did not need the IP of the chip makers. new battle of Apple with old hardware manufacturer, we will see if in the end the ones of Cupertino reach their objective, or if on the contrary, they end up in the courts like with other companies. I think everything indicates that we will see Apple on the benches against the people of Imagination Technologies .

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