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Monday, July 31, 2017

Apple HomePod screen and memory unveiled

If this morning discovered the possible design that will have the next iPhone tenth edition thanks to the HomePod , now comes the time to unveil the specifications that will have the new musical device that prepares Apple by the end of the year.
Although the HomePod will not be available until December (in the US, Australia and the United Kingdom ), Cupertino have decided to launch the firmware of the device giving access to developers to find some information on the device. A firmware that allowed to discover part of the design and features of the upcoming iPhone 8 thanks to the developers.

HomePod with a screen with 272 x 340 resolution

If the novelty was the iPhone tenth edition, the HomePod firmware also just revealed its internal features. The Apple speaker will come with a multi-colored LED display with a resolution of 272 x 340 where the main protagonist will be Apple's virtual assistant, Siri. Thanks to the publication of the developer Avery Magnotti we have been able to discover this novelty. Remember that the screen of this device will serve to interact with Siri and its new multicolored wave introduced with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra in the last WWDC 2017.
A close look at the HomePod
A look at the HomePod screen
The screen integrates perfectly with the top of the device and its main function (and the one we know so far) is to turn it on when Siri is listening to our voice commands. However, it seems that we will also see some virtual buttons to activate the wizard by pressing and controlling the volume of the speaker with these buttons. We will have to wait for new leaks to see if the HomePod screen will give something more in terms of functions.

The RAM of the Apple speaker reaches up to 1 GB

Along with the screen dimensions, the information filtered by this user suggests that the HomePod will be equipped with 1 GB of RAM. This means that the HomePod will mount the same memory as the devices with the older versions of iOS. Recall that the HomePod will also include an A8 processor (the same as the iPhone 6). A hardware configuration that will allow to turn the HomePod into the most powerful intelligent speaker on the market. Features that will allow a better spatial awareness that coupled with the Siri interactivity will provide an impressive sound to the user who buys this device.
Apple Speaker Features
As previously announced, the Apple speaker will have a full version of iOS . This means that this is a device comparable to an iPhone without a screen. An application called " SoundBoard " will be used, which will allow to integrate the hardware incorporated in this device along with some accessibility functions like VoiceOver .
Finally, note that the new HomePod will be available from December in the countries discussed above with an exit price of 349 dollars . We will have to see the pace of sales and Apple's ability to reach more markets in the coming months. Hopefully, Apple will not have the same supply problems with this product as it does with the AirPods.

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