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Monday, July 3, 2017

Apple invests in an LG OLED display factory

We already told you relatively recently that Samsung is thinking of building the largest factory in charge of building only and exclusively OLED screens , which are the future of this world, at least for smartphones and smart tablets. The big Korean brand thought to build this great factory with the mission to sell all the screens that made Apple , but it seems that the people of Cupertino have not accepted this agreement and it is not known whether it will end up doing it or not.
In principle, this factory would produce a whopping amount of between 180,000 and 260,000 screens a month , something for a factory dedicated solely to this is a bestiality, since it is what manufacturers do for a year, but Samsung will do it or Was going to do in 1 month. Although it seems that now the tables have changed and it is Apple who will build a factory of these dimensions and features, but not for Samsung, but for LG.

There will only be OLED screens in 2 years

OLED Panel on the iPhone 8
It seems that OLED screens are the future , this could be demonstrated by a company report Samsung confirmed this when we let know that Apple is currently interested in this new technology for their smartphone and iPad , these data were revealed earlier this year. Also, within these same reports, it was revealed that the Cupertino company plans to put OLED screens on all its devices and products by 2019.
Right now and as we said something above, it seems that Apple is in negotiations with another great brand: LG . We already know that the company likes to expand in the market to increase its income, we could already witness these thoughts on the part of the company of Cupertino when they left the rumors in the light of which they were thinking to make its first autonomous car. The investment that the company would have to make to build this new factory would be approximately 1.75 - 2.62 trillion dollars.
Apple orders 70 million OLED screens to Samsung
Summarizing and leaving aside the issues of money, basically Apple wants to have more sources than earning revenue and thought that creating a factory intended solely and exclusively to manufacture the OLED screens, which are the future , would be a very good Option to make a profit from other companies in the same industry. It does not surprise us in this type of plans on the part of the company of the block, it is more we thought that they would bring something like this even before.

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