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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Apple keeps its focus on Augmented Reality goggles

Development on Augmented Reality is becoming an increasingly important project within Apple , who has just submitted a patent that would reveal what the company has in mind for the near future.
In this regard, Apple filed with the US Patent Office, a "method to represent points of interest in a real environment on a mobile device or a similar device."

Augmented Reality Takes Power Within Apple

Apple is developing an Augmented Reality ecosystem in which the iPhone would play an important but not the only role. However, and here is the key to the issue, Apple also mentions a semi-transparent screen, something that does not own the iPhone, so it can be inferred that Apple is projecting the application of these developments in a kind of glasses.
In addition, Apple mentions that the semi-transparent display is part of a mobile device, without specifying what type of mobile device.
Apple summarized in its patent, as:
There is disclosed a method and a mobile device for displaying points of interest in a view of a real environment shown on a screen of the mobile device with a functionality for interacting with the user, comprising the steps of: capturing an image of the actual environment or a Part of the actual environment using a camera, determining at least one point of interest related to the actual environment, determining an image position of at least one point of interest in the image, showing at least part of the image on the screen, overlapping a Computer generated indicator with at least part of the image on the screen in a display position according to the image position of at least one point of interest.
Apple Augmented Reality Patent
Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has compared the importance of Augmented Reality (RA) to smartphone development. And is that the executive has not concealed his emotion by the advances in this technology, which he himself visualizes as a platform and not as a product.
But what Cook has said about RA is not a personal vision, it is rather an Apple mission.
With this patent, Apple joins other giants who have already invested in research and development of RA hardware and solutions, including Microsoft and Google. These companies have put into the hands of the public products such as Google Glass and Holo Lens, but for now they remain interesting experiments, we know what happens when Apple invades a niche market ...

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