Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Apple launches a charity meal with Eddy Cue

Edy Cue with the Apple logo in the background

Today we echo a news out of the growing rumor about the iPhone 8 and all the queue it is bringing. We talked about the Charitybuzz organization, which has organized with Apple a charity meal at the newly built Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino .
The prize will consist of a meal with Eddy Cue , the famous manager of the Californian company. To be able to access it is going to make an auction, which is estimated to reach $ 50,000. Bids can be made from now until July 25. Proceeds will be donated to the Van Nuys-based NGO Autism Movement Therapy .
Autism is a complex neurological disorder that damages the individual's ability to communicate with others. Is associated with repetitive routines and behaviors, such as having very repetitive behaviors or following very specific routines . Symptoms range from mild to very severe.
Here we are presented with an opportunity to have lunch with Eddy Cue in the impressive new headquarters of Apple, meet first hand and have a lively chat with one of the thinking heads of the American company. Eddy Cue has been a part of Apple since 1989, and among other things, is to blame for the existence of the App Store, Apple's online store in 1998, the iTunes Store in 2003 . Cue hosted a similar lunch auction a few weeks ago, raising $ 255,000 in support of a nonprofit organization, the National Basketball Coach Foundation Association in Kansas City, Missouri.
The meal will be scheduled on a mutually agreed date between August 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. The winner of the auction must be at least 18 years old and the cost of food and gratuity are included, but travel And accommodation not . Experience logically can not be resold, resealed or transferred.
Possible appearance of iTunes Radio as application on iOS 8
Lunch does not include a formal tour within the Apple Park facility , and photography will not be allowed, according to Charitybuzz. The whole halo of secrecy that surrounds Apple will be evident in this meeting, for obvious reasons. We would like to know what part of the facilities will be the ones that the winner or winner can know.
Cue, which is officially senior vice president of Apple's Internet Software and Services, currently oversees Apple's iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Siri, Apple Maps, iCloud and iWork and iLife productivity applications . Apple executives have participated in several Charitybuzz auctions over the years , with CEO Tim Cook recently raising more than $ 680,000 for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.
So, if your economy allows you to bet on a trip to California and you want to participate in a good cause, you're in time to do it, remember it's until Tuesday, July 25.
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