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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Apple launches third watchOS 4 beta for developers

It seemed that Apple had forgotten to watchOS 4, in its last batch of updates that we saw two days ago, in iOS 11 , macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 . But it seems that the Cupertino go time trial with watchOS 4, and that is why it has come so late to our Apple Watch to be able to test and test it. We hope that the wait has been worth it, and see a more stable version and solve all the errors that existed in the previous betas.
WatchOS WWDC 2017
Presentation of watchOS 4
Apple is currently focusing on troubleshooting all failures related to battery performance and battery life. Two very controversial points in the previous betas. It should be noted that in beta 1 and 2, the battery of the Apple Watch did not last half a day, something that we hope will solve the Cupertino beta after beta.

What news brings us watchOS 4

Apple seeks to polish the software that carries its smart watch, for them introduces many interesting improvements that were presented in the last WWDC 2017 such as the following:
  • Siri is much smarter and  proactive , the wizard will be able to automatically adapt to our needs with a new user interface in the form of cards in the style of iOS 11 or Google Now.
  • New spheres , including one dedicated to Siri where you will show everything you need depending on the time or place where we are, Toy Story spheres and even a mandala.
  • In addition, Apple incorporates different improvements in the application of Activity with a completely redesigned design in your spheres, better goals in achieving our goals with a single purpose, that we make a greater effort and that this is as healthy as possible for users Of an Apple Watch.
All this news we have told you in this post . And David Hebrero tells you in our YouTube channel.

If this beta brings some remarkable news that will come out as we try this beta, we will publish in this post. I remember, if you are an Apple developer you can download this beta to enjoy it on your Apple Watch. Although we remind you that once you enter beta, you can not go back, so we recommend that if you are a big dependent of your Apple Watch, wait for a more stable beta or directly to the final version that we will see in September, with New Apple Watch?

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