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Friday, July 28, 2017

Apple lowers iPod Touch prices and eliminates 16GB and 64GB capacities

At the last hour of yesterday we had a news that saddened us all, and is the farewell of the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle . Two devices, which if not, would not have understood the world of mobile telephony as we see it today.

Now we can only choose between an iPod Touch 32 and 128 GB.

The iPod Touch seems to still survive in the Apple Store, although some capabilities have moved on to a better life, and those who have persisted have seen their price reduced. The capacities that have said goodbye have been the 16 GB and the 64 GB, reason why at the moment they are in the market the capacities of 32 GB and 128 GB. These two, are enough adequate, for the use that we can give to our iPod Touch.
ipod touch
IPod Touch in different colors
The prices that we find the two models are as follows:
  • 32GB iPod Touch: € 229.
  • 128GB iPod Touch: € 339.
The colors have not varied , being the same that we normally found: silver, gold, space gray, pink, blue and red.
Would you buy this device these days? It seems that Apple with this price reduction wants to take the stock off, so that in a long or medium term, to be able to remove it completely, which would confirm the definitive "death" of the iPod. The low sales that the company has presented with this product have made this difficult decision be taken with a historic product for this company, and without it, surely it would not have so much weight in the market today.

In my opinion, although prices have gone down, this device does not make much sense at present. For those people who bought it in their day, obviously it is a product that I hope they enjoy for a long time, but for those who want to buy one these days, I would recommend going for an iPhone.

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