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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Apple lowers prices in India due to tax reform

The Cupertino company leader in the world of electronics continues with the thought in mind of changing the manufacturing country of its terminals. Until now and for many years has been China, hence the well-known "Made in China" at the rear of its terminals followed by the typical "Designed in California". The main reason why Apple has been building its iPhone in this Asian country is due to the cheap labor and also the important and low cost of the materials and requirements to carry out the manufacture of one of these.

The iPhone in India continues its course

Currently the iPhone is synonymous with luxury and cache without a doubt, being realistic the first thing we think when we see someone, for example, in the train with a MacBook or an iPhone the first sensation that comes to mind is that person Has a good income. Lately and as we have been able to verify through different sources is that the apple bite company is beginning to manufacture their iPhone, specifically their iPhone SE , in India, as they are studying to leave China aside and declare India as their headquarters Central in terms of manufacturing is referred to worldwide.
Also had much echo by the social networks and internet in general the price decrease that had to put Apple in order to be able to compete with the market of the smartphone in this country, since if already the iPhone are expensive of itself in India even more, This is because the average cost of a smartphone here is very low, the equivalent of about 300 euros here. The Cupertino have been seen between the sword and the wall and have been selling models of the iPhone 5 for about 200 euros , something never seen by this company.

Good luck Apple

We do not really know if Apple will bring the same or better profitability to this country in this aspect, because with the new tax reform will have to lower even more the prices of all its products, not only iPhone, also Mac, iPad and other types Of gadgets of this company. Even Tim Cook has met with the prime minister of this country since the company of the apple continues to expand within India because they believe that at the end of the journey will be profitable and it will be beneficial to manufacture the iPhone here , although for now the statistics say otherwise .

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