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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Apple Park is revalorizing the homes around it

As we have already seen on more than one occasion, the next and new headquarters of the Apple company, which is in Cupertino, Southern California and to be more specific about 10 minutes by car from the former home of this company . It is incredible what have advanced the works of the structure and the building itself in recent months thanks to companies and brands that have even bought satellites to giants like Google have made videos of these characteristics with the evolution that this new plant Belonging to the apple bite has been able to experience recently .

A very simple way to become a millionaire

The blank Apple logo on a pile of money
If you want to be rich in a matter of a few years and you have a home near this brand new house in Cupertino, congratulations, your house is being revalued and increasing its price every year in an impressive way. And is that there are homes that have risen from a price of about $ 750,000 to a million and a half in just 6 years . It seems that living close to this modern and contemporary building is not cheap at all. In spite of all this, the neighbors even complain about the noise and the annoyances that cause the constructions until getting to the point of making meetings between them, and not few, since there have been counted 110 meetings of neighbors, and sometimes the Of Apple have come to give away vouchers for a car wash because more than one complained about the dust that was falling on their vehicle.
Recently, more than 10,000 employees have been moved from one plant to another, as this is already finished in what refers to the section occupied by workers , although not all, but most of them. Some branches of the tourism industry have come to take advantage of this in such a way that there is more of a hotel in the area than in each and every one of their rooms has a built-in Mac computer to increase curiosity and raise revenue.
Apple in Cupertino
As they did in the previous headquarters, the employees of this company will move to the vicinity of the new headquarters, but it seems that even these workers with well-paid salaries will have a difficult time acquiring housing in this area because of the issue we were talking about before The high prices that are coming to see around the Apple Park.

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