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Monday, July 17, 2017

Apple Park is revolutionizing modern architecture

Lately the amount of news about Apple's new headquarters in Southern California in Cupertino is incredible. The Apple Park was an impressive creation look where you look since there is no other brand in the world, not only in the electronics, that has such a central building of these dimensions or even with some resemblance to this great new house Of the apple bitten. This circle is so extravagant and contemporary that it is even revaluing the value of the houses around it, until it comes to give the case of houses that were worth $ 750,000, have gone to have a price increase to the million and a half dollars, is Say, twice its original value.
The Apple Park has been in the works for years, until now we could see almost everything being beams and structures half done , but thanks to companies like Planet Labs, which has bought a series of specific satellites to Google, has shown us in a Video 18-second evolution that this great new and contemporary Apple house has experienced in recent months . We could also see this type of content from the point of view of drones flying over the area that this building occupies, but that will no longer be possible since they have become prohibited .

Apple Park: A success within the world of architecture

Apple in Cupertino
Something is clear and is that all the billions of dollars that Apple has spent on the creation of Apple Park have been well invested . This new venue has a theater with a somewhat peculiar name and that will sound to more than one: Steve Jobs Theater . Tim Cook has always had a great appreciation for Jobs, one of the parents and creators of the company itself, and is always doing homage or leaving characteristic traits of his personality in the products that the apple launches even today.
The Apple Park is so big that they are even hiring people to run tour guides to satisfy all the needs of the most curious Apple fans out there. With a bit of luck we will be able to see the definitive opening of this great contemporary house of the most beloved and valuable brand in the world of electronics between 2017 and 2018, but nothing is certain , since we already know that this type of things usually have unexpected delays .

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