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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Apple removes VPN apps in China according to law

China is a country that has always or almost always gone hand in hand with our favorite bite apple , of course thanks to the manufacture of its terminals and numerous products that the company of Cupertino produces in the day to day. The great reason and in many cases the main reason to do this part of the work in this Asian country is due to the low cost of labor and also mainly to the price so low that they have the necessary materials to carry out the manufacture of one of The famous iPhone.

The App Store is evolving

Apple removes problematic apps from the App Store
As we saw in the WWDC 2017, the App Store is having many changes lately , one of the most striking updates is undoubtedly the transfer of the classic 32-bit system in the home applications within iOS to the new circuit that Will contain 64 bits . We also know that Apple almost weekly eliminates many applications of Asian origin, mostly Chinese, which are basically cheap copies and in the native language of this country of other applications more known.
It seems that today the routine cleaning maintenance in the App Store has not only left to erase copies and plagiaries of other great tools, but also have removed from the middle many applications that made use of VPN , for those who do not know Is a virtual private network which is used by many apps to improve the performance and speed of these because they are not dependent on any network provider. To all of us it makes it somewhat strange to see how those of Cupertino erased so many applications outside the common section since some of those that have disappeared were quite popular and useful to look where they are looked at.
Apple creates data center in China
The main reason why this has been done is because the California firm has one foot in the United States and another has it in Asia as we said at the beginning, but in China have appeared new laws making use of VPN illegal in most cases and the last thing a company like Apple wants is to have problems in the country where a fundamental pillar is born within the income and benefits of the apple: the iPhone. It is a major annoyance on the part of the developers and users of these, we hope that it will be solved soon.

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