Monday, July 10, 2017

Apple rents office space next to Imagination Technologies with the potential to recruit part of its employees

Apple has leased an office space of more than 2000 square meters in a place very close to the current offices of Imagination Technologies, the company that until now has designed the GPUs (Apple graphics chips) and with which the Cupertino have broken Officially, putting her in a very difficult financial situation. Not for nothing have they put everything they have on sale but have not yet found vendors, and all while trying to litigate with Apple in a kind of absurd attempt to force the company to continue working with them . Apple has already said that from the next two years will design their own GPUs , and for that reason a lot of attention renting offices, coincidentally,
Many of Imagination Technologies' employees who are thinking of leaving the ship before it sinks completely could look forward to working on Apple from now on. However, they probably do not intend to travel to London or Cupertino to do so, and now, having offices practically in the same place, Apple could have it much easier to hunt for that talent before it ends up in other competing companies . But as they say in these cases ... maybe it's just by chance that they have just opened new offices there ... after all, more than 100,000 people work in Apple today.
These new offices are in St. Albans, a town northwest of London, halfway between Luton and the British capital.
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