Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Apple still having problems with the Touch ID of the iPhone 8

During this past year we have seen rumors about the future iPhone 8 skyrocketing, assuring that there were several versions of the terminal due to the different configurations of the fingerprint reader that the people of Cupertino were testing.
It has not been a secret that since Apple proposed to integrate the reader of fingerprints on the screen has had various problems, whether the 3D Touch or the technology of OLED screens that will feature this future Apple iPhone, has never had All with the time to bet on this integration of the fingerprint reader on the screen .
The size of the iPhone 8 would be intermediate between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus
Of course, Apple wants to get on that car of the companies that have created a terminal with almost no frames , a fashion that we do not remember, the Xiomi Chinese started.
Meanwhile other companies have already released their models of phones without frames, but also with the great difficulty of not being able to integrate the fingerprint reader on the screen in terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 because of the difficulty of this same.
Yes it is true that this past week we saw how Vivo had managed to put the fingerprint reader on the screen, a fact that could mean that other companies copied this way to do it, the problem is that neither by these it seems that Apple and others Giants of technology are convinced to continue with this situation of the fingerprint reader.
Precisely for that reason today we have seen like different analysts and specialized means, they assured that those of Cupertino would be valuing the aside of being able to integrate the Touch ID on screen, to bet for the facial recognition based on a sensor 3D that Apple could be testing now same.

Touch id on iPhone 8 screen
Undoubtedly each of these novelties is a new chapter in this horror novel where we are increasingly closer to the presentation of the iPhone that will commemorate the ten years of the original iPhone, and there is still no theory strong enough that we Say that Apple has already found a way to unlock its terminal without having to affect the tiny bezels that will count this iPhone 8.
We are waiting for new rumors and leaks that confirm us the path chosen by Apple for its iPhone 8, and remind you that you can follow all the new features of the iPhone 8 from NewCydiaTweaks .

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