Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Apple to publish ads from Google and other networks in Apple News

Apple News , since being announced, has passed without pain or glory by the screens of the American users of iOS. Outside that country, we are still waiting for it to be possible to publish in many other territories, something that Apple inexplicably still does not allow. However, to change the situation seems to allow some changes that make the platform more attractive for more media. One such change is to allow ads from other networks, such as the most popular, Google DoubleClick. So far, they only allowed their own ads.
The information comes from sources related to these plans that of course have not been identified, and that have contacted Ad Age . The goal of this change is to make it easier for content creators to monetize their publications in the same way they do on the web ... although the concept of Apple News was precisely to have an ideal publishing medium without the problems of ad overload In annoying places or with the too heavy design that many webs have on the Internet. With their own ads, publishers can at least get a little more money and that could encourage the arrival of more media, and thus get that platform finally take off, As a gateway to many iPhone or iPad users who do not want to open Safari to read news. Currently, Apple News has about 47 million active users .
In addition to the ads, micropayments could also arrive via Apple Pay, to facilitate subscriptions to payment contents as some websites already do.
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