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Friday, July 28, 2017

Apple to spend $ 2.7 billion on LG to make OLED screens

Today's technology advances at a vertiginous speed in almost all its aspects, especially in which we use more in our day to day life as can well be the mobile phones or the computers themselves without going further. 10 years ago the launch of the first iPhone which was presented at WWDC 2007 by the father and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, and if we look back we can see that a decade does not seem so much with all the advances and changes that have Experienced the concept of smartphone as we know it today.

Innovation comes to your screen

Iphone8-with panel oled
Some of what is currently being talked about a lot about the next changes that our mobile will suffer is the same screen, this will be fully updated by a new and innovative technology called OLED . Thanks to the iPhone 8, the much acclaimed and expensive, since it is worth over a thousand dollars making it the most expensive smartphone in history, will have such an impact on the market that by 2020 at least 50% of all The mobile phones will carry this type of screens and all this due to the iPhone as we just mentioned.
It seems that this new technology will be so profitable that we have seen big brands like Samsung want to raise factories dedicated solely and exclusively to produce such screens that wanted to sell to Apple, but those of Cupertino said no. The funny thing comes when it is now the apple that wants to do this for LG and will invest 2.7 billion dollars to carry this out . When a company of the caliber of this one is doing this you know that they are going to take money because to bet of such way is not habitual and more on the part of the Californian firm.
Samsung S7
Although OLED screens are a novelty for almost everyone, Samsung has been using them for several years in their models of the highest ranges since it will all sound to us that some of the terminals of the Korean brand can be folded and the Offers a higher quality of image and other characteristic features. The first iPhone to carry this will be the 8 that will arrive in September as it was agreed from the beginning, but this will come with a limited number of units so if you are thinking about getting one you will have to hurry.

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