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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Apple to stay ahead of Samsung in 2017

And to think that it all started with the money that they could obtain by selling a calculator that by the time the computers did not exist, it was state-of-the-art technology and a classic Volkswagen van , for which they gave less money than the calculator itself, something that Today we can think and at the moment it is crazy, but those were other times and nor they themselves thought to where they were going to arrive. Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak went from being in the garage of their parents trying and manipulating simple materials to being 8 years later in the 411 position of the Fortune 500, the list where are the 500 companies or brands more valuable of the world.

The apple started with a good foot

Steve Jobs, John Sculley and Steve Wozniak together
This same list was made mention very recently saying that the company of Cupertino remained the most profitable and future brand from the point of view that may have a common investor , and other sources said the apple bite will soon Be the first company within the United States to reach a value of 1 trillion dollars , but not a billion as they say there, but a million million, thus making the California firm the most valuable company in the world, everything This said by great personalities within the world of the stock market and derivatives, that is to say, no one has said it either.
The rivalry and competition between brands has existed since within the world of electronics and industry itself was founded almost half a century ago, of which 41 years belong to Apple because it was in 1976 when our beloved apple was born . Throughout its history, the company of Cupertino has had great competitors to which it has managed to create a great margin of advantage as far as production, income and benefits , although today we can already imagine which is the one that is nearer from Apple.
The biggest competition without a doubt of the company of Tim Cook is Samsung, the Korean company which has the merit of being able to say that 25% of all the smartphones in the world are his, although the Apple also can presume that the IPhone 7 is the best-selling mobile phone we have in 2017 . Lately all efforts by Samsung have been in vain to overtake the block this year , but we do not know what the future holds, although it would be a big surprise if any brand surpasses Apple.

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