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Friday, July 7, 2017

Apple to turn to Samsung for NAND 3D production

As we approach the launch of the next generation iPhone , we know more details of its features. Some rumors refer to the external section , and its technological innovations, while others point to the internal components, as is the case of the NAND 3D memories that Apple uses for the internal storage of iPhone.

Delays in the production of 3D NAND memories

With the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , Apple began to use this technology, proving to be an excellent option due to the possibility of offering a large storage capacity in a very small space . The main drawback of this technology is due to its difficulty in manufacturing, making in many occasions manufacturers produce memories that do not meet the standards of quality and efficiency and should be discarded.
Currently Apple uses  Hynix and Toshiba suppliers as suppliers of these memories, although according to Digitimes indicates  in its report, the delays in the production of these manufacturers forced Apple to look for a new manufacturer, being Samsung the chosen one . Recall that it is precisely the South Korean manufacturer, responsible for providing the OLED screens of the next iPhone 8.
The 3D NAND memories used in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have 48 layers , and according to rumors they would be working on improving them. So Samsung and Toshiba are considering using 64 layers, while Hynix is ​​working on 72-layer memories.
The next iPhone 8 will use Samsung's NAND 3D memories
The next iPhone 8 will use Samsung's NAND 3D memories

An increase in the internal memory of the next iPhone?

The decision of the manufacturers to increase the number of layers of the memories, is related to the possibility of expanding the storage capacity without thereby increasing the physical size of the same . 
With this we can assume that Apple is planning to expand storage capacities. 
Currently the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are offered in 32, 128 and 256 GB capacity, while the iPad Pro is offered in 64, 256 and 512 GB . Looking at these capabilities and the advancement in storage capacity of NAND memories, it is assumed that the iPhone 8 is offered with 64, 256 and 512 GB of internal storage. 
Perhaps more storage capacity on the upcoming iPhone,
As we see, Apple does not want setbacks in the production of the new iPhone . So finding new suppliers would allow you to cope with the great demand that is expected for the iPhone 8 or as Apple decides to call it.

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