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Monday, July 10, 2017

Apple will become the first company to have a value of 1 billion dollars

It is no news to any of us that a company of the caliber that has Apple is one of the most valuable companies and brands in the world , since only 7 years after its birth and had a respectable place in the Fortune 500 list, 411 to be exact. Although the Californian firm is outbid in terms of sales compared to electronics giants like Microsoft, the actions of the bite apple are so high that if it continues to experience the changes it has undergone so far and at the same speed, it will soon be the The first company in the world to have a value of 1 trillion dollars , not 1 billion, 1 million million.

IPhone 8, the push that Apple needed

OLED Panel on the iPhone 8
The next terminal of this company within its famous range iPhone, the iPhone 8, will be the most expensive phone in history, thus exceeding $ 1,000. The expectations of loyal users of these terminals are excessively high, but given that their price is so high, if sales meet the calculations made by Apple, the Cupertino company will become the most valuable in the world of commerce Of electronics .
Today Apple is among the top of this list having a value of 737 billion dollars , an incredible figure if compared to other brands of high caliber like this, but the main dish will arrive, as we said something more Up with the iPhone 8. Although reports of fiscal results indicate that all is well, given that the iPhone 7 is the best-selling terminal in the world within 2017 , the economic explosion will really come with the departure of the highly acclaimed iPhone 8 .
For this and for many products of the apple brand more, it is very possible that the value of the shares of the company of Cupertino reaches the incredible value of $ 200 per share and thus surpassing the figure of trillion dollars. We hope that everything comes out as Apple hopes and soon we will see in the news new developments resulting from this great achievement. The apple brand no longer innovates to the level it did before, but continues to pull things that still in mid-2017 still leave us gaping regardless of the rest of gadgets that other companies.

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