Saturday, July 15, 2017

Apple will no longer allow more VPN-based ad blockers on its App Store

Since we met Apple for its original iPhone, the company has always tried to show a very mature operating system and totally clean of traps or applications that could damage the image of the service provided by the Californian company to its users.
Just now Apple is making several changes in its App Store to prepare for the arrival of the new application store to iOS 11 , that operating system that will accompany the iPhone 8 and already has several public betas for users to try it out.
Adblock apple
Precisely because of this, today all alarms have been skipped when the creator of applications as well known as AdBlock, Weblock and Admosphere, has announced that they will not receive any updates for reasons other than the developer himself .
As Tomasz Koperski explained, creator of these applications designed to block ads in third-party applications, it has been Apple itself that has informed you that these types of VPN-based blockers will have no place within the App Store from now .
In this way the people of Cupertino close the door to new applications of this type and those currently in their app store , which will not receive any further updates for failing to comply with section 4.2.1 of the review guidelines of the App Store.
Adblock ios
With this new news closes a cycle began when iOS 9 was allowed to exist this type of applications limited exclusively to the Safari web browser . Of course today there are several applications that perform the function and will not have their site in the iOS 11 application store.
This is certainly another Apple step to create a better ecosystem where we have seen how Cupertino people recently announced that it will eliminate duplicate applications within their app store .
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