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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Apple works on time trial to integrate wireless charging and face recognition on the iPhone 8

A new report from Fastcompany points out that Apple engineers would be working feverishly to incorporate some new software into the iPhone 8.
The new Apple device would be introduced in about 2 months, so time plays against the Silicon Valley company.

The iPhone 8 will break with the routine established by Apple

The iPhone's tenth anniversary is causing real headaches at Apple's Cupertino headquarters. The company used to take out its star model every two years and, meanwhile, has been releasing reissues of the previous generation.
Following these guidelines Apple should present this year the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which we seem to see. But in addition to that, we want to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the iPhone and is making a special device that would break with all the above in terms of news is concerned. This iPhone, which we call iPhone 8 in the absence of an official name, would not be a commemorative device as such but would come to compete with the high-end Android launched in 2017. That's why Apple is working ceaselessly for his device to be one or two Steps above the rest.
At Apple 5 × 1 we have been reporting all the rumors and among them, we announced that it would come with wireless charging and a new method of facial unlocking . Precisely these two innovations could be the main reasons why the engineers and other workers of Apple have been working against time, and that incorporating these improvements would have taken more time than initially expected.

Problems with the device are more software than hardware

Wireless charging, which could be inductive, is being one of the reasons why engineers have had (or have) more than one problem in their integration . It would be working with a Qi wireless charging standard or a variant of it. These components are provided by the chipmaker Broadcom. However such chips would not be the important issue in the delay but it would be the device software that would not be ready in this regard.
The iPhone 8 would incorporate facial unlocking
The iPhone 8 would incorporate facial unlocking
The new method of facial unlocking would also be an issue in which it has been working piecewise and also the problem would come with integration with the software. Apparently it would be costing more than the account to integrate it into the iOS operating system.

IPhone 8 would be delayed or incomplete

Due to the problems that have arisen in the design and incorporation of the new software, the iPhone 8 could suffer delays in its production and maybe even at launch.
Apple is clear that it will present the iPhone 8 in September and will surely do so at Steve Jobs Theater (the conference hall to be inaugurated in honor of the cofounder of the company that died in 2011). This presentation does not seem to be delayed and will show us all the new features in your new device. Another thing will be the launch of the terminal.
Wireless charging concept for iPhone 8.
Wireless charging concept for iPhone 8.
There are two hypotheses and both are negative for Apple, but at this point have no choice. The first would be to delay the launch of the iPhone 8 a few months . That delay could make it even launch in the first quarter of 2018. But there are voices within the company that do not see any sense to launch a iPhone commemorating the tenth anniversary when it would be the eleventh aversario. It is for this reason that the second hypothesis is born and it is that the phone could leave on time but with some news to implement.
It would not be the first time a company has launched a device that has not yet been integrated with all the news. Without going any further, Apple took a few months to incorporate portrait mode into its iPhone 7 Plus.
what do you think about this news? Would you prefer that this new iPhone arrive on time but incomplete or that it arrives later with all its innovations? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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