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Monday, July 24, 2017

Apple's new patent will save many lives

From time to time, the California firm registers new patents . That is why in relation to this topic we find records of all kinds, from technologies unique to those of Cupertino to innovative systems and functionalities.
And it is vitally important to patent any aspect that is going to develop, because in matters of registers and rights, the United States is a rather complicated place, due to the continuous conflicts and denunciations due to the patent infringement by the Competition in the technological sector.
Throughout this week has been released a new patent registered by the apple bite company. Specifically it is a method with which the user can request help with just a touch on the screen of our iPhone .

This new system will save many lives

Through this brief and simple press, an automatic call will be made to the emergency services . This number will be different depending on the country in which we are.
According to the registered patent, this new system would improve the speed and ease of making a call to emergency services. To date, all smartphones have a quick access to make these types of calls, although if it is true that the Apple would be much more effective .
It should be emphasized that there is no guarantee that the development of this new system will be confirmed. In the first place, many patents do not finally develop due to lack of viability or effectiveness in their development and research . On the other hand, we do not know the time map with which the company would be shuffling the final implantation of this system, if finally the signature saw green light in its development.

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