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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Battery case for your iPhone 7

Telephones have been growing in terms of the time they offer us to work with them. We must keep in mind that they are no longer just phones, but small computers capable of doing anything and that is why they consume enough battery power . If the option of an external battery does not convince you , perhaps something very fashionable, the covers with built-in battery. Let's find out.
As we have commented, these devices are a fusion of both concepts and are a very choice to take into account. Let's see its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Protect and load at the same time.
  • You always ensure a "bullet in the chamber".
  • You do not have to load anything external to the phone to ensure the load (powerbank or cable and charger)


  • Price on certain occasions high.
  • They are heavy and fat enough to the device.
Seen this, let's see what I think are the models to keep in mind if you have an iPhone 7.

Smart Battery Case

Originally launched for the iPhone 6S, Apple has launched its new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7, which improves the autonomy with respect to the previous model thanks to its capacity of 2365 mAh.
The official sheath can be found in two colors: white or carbon gray.
As a positive point I emphasize the solidity of its construction, and as negative its design, that personally I do not like anything .
Smart Battery Case

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie is a great brand that knows what makes, at a very high level. It is also certified by Apple . I highlight several positive points, which are the design, which is more round, is significantly cheaper and offers 200 mAH more than the previous one. It is also very easy to place
Mophie Juice Pack iPhone 6 8
Of the other brands that are offered in Amazon appear many references with much lower prices, less than 30 euros. In this case I can not recommend any because I have not tried them, something that I have done with the two that I recommend. The high price indicates a good management of the load and a very powerful construction, which offers robustness .
So you know, if what you want is a 2-in-1 concept, battery-cases are a good choice that will always satisfy everyone. Remember that the price is higher than that of an external battery and do not offer as much capacity, but it may serve you for what you really need .

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