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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beware of apps to clean your Mac, can cause problems

Among the thousands and thousands of applications that we find in the App Store of our Mac, or third-party portals, we find applications that will clean our Mac , delete junk files and, ultimately, leave us the Mac like new. Lie.
The vast majority of Mac users, unfortunately, are very conducive to installing these types of applications that help you maintain your computer like when you first turned it on , help you uninstall apps, delete junk files, and are running around Time so that every now and then you clean.

Beware of apps to clean your Mac

What we tell you is not an opinion that has passed through the head, is a reality that is confirmed by the technical service of one of the Apple Premium Reseller, Rosellimac.
As one of these technicians told us, the main fault that Macs receive in the technical service is caused by this type of "miracle" applications.
Your Mac does not need any app to clean the junk files
Your Mac does not need any app to clean the junk files
When installing one of them, in the first place we are slowing down our equipment since it is in continuous operation and checking at every moment what we do with our files in order to notify us to carry out a cleaning that optimizes our equipment .
Secondly, these applications can erase internal files from our Mac , without our consent, which will cause us to have to go if or to the technical service to repair it. In some cases, this type of cleanings and scans have come to cause system blockages , obviously leaving it inoperative.
Apple, in one of its efforts to provide the Mac with an intuitive and secure system, made sure that the computer will automatically take care of all those unwanted files that do not serve us and are really crap. I repeat, the Mac takes care of doing it automatically, without having to do absolutely nothing. You do not need to install any app that will clean your computer.
As I said before, it is very common to encounter users who are happy to use one of these apps, and surely, today, has not given them any problem. As with everything, it is not a universal problem that is whether or not all users but the data is there and claim it is one of the main causes of broken or not working properly.
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Macbook Pro with Touch Bar
As a result, many users who have gone through this problem have wondered how to uninstall applications safely and completely . To do this, one of the apps they recommend is AppCleaner " . Simple, direct and effective. Just slide the app towards it and that's it. You do not need to do anything else. This way you can uninstall your app correctly, without problems in the medium or long term.


If you truly "love" your Mac, and you have made an investment in it, from NewCydiaTweaks we recommend that you pay close attention to these "miracle" applications because they can give you more of a displeasure.
As we are aware, because we have verified, that there are users "faithful" to these apps, we ask that you leave your opinions in the comments in a polite way and providing experiences with them in a constructive way for all users who read us.

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