Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beware of the clones of the iPhone 8 that abound on the Internet, some copies are very good!

We are in that time of year when it is common to see iPhone clones coming out of China like hot cupcakes. The level of sophistication they are reaching almost rivals the quality that Apple offers ... until it's played. The box, the way to present it, everything looks really spectacular if we think it is a clone that uses Android 6.0 with a theme that mimics iOS and costs 8 times less money. So, for example, when you compare the speed of the processor, you find that it is between 10 and 5 times slower .
Curiously, inside the layout of the motherboard is similar, remaining to the right with the battery in the same place where it is on the iPhone 7.
Chinese iPhone 8 Clone Inside
The quality, in general, is obviously very bad, but we do not remember its price is also much lower and that the purpose of this kind of Chinese copies is simply to do something as close to an iPhone, violating Apple's trademarks as its logo Or the name of the iPhone. Finally, let 's see ... the first video leaves much open - mouthed, because the boxes, particularly ahead, look exactly like those used for the iPhone Apple really , except for the rear registration.
In short, you have to be careful with the videos or photos that are seen there because it is easy to buy any of these clones on the Internet, with an exterior appearance almost identical to the prototypes of iPhone 8 that we have been watching for months. It's fun to think these companies clone an iPhone based on a design that is not yet known whether it will be the one Apple uses on future iPhones . For them, it has to be really cheap to manufacture something like that, and it also works . full-fledged WTF .
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