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Monday, July 3, 2017

Buaala, the application that will change the way you watch TV

There are more and more options to watch television, and this offers us much more content. Netflix, Wuaki, HBO and many others provide us with an enormous amount of series , movies and so on, which causes us to end up not knowing what to see and lost in a sea of ​​content. To solve this, today we bring you our impressions of Buaala , one of the best applications to know what to see, how to see it and to share it with all our acquaintances.

Buaala, to see and share

If you are one of those who devours one series after another and do not stop asking advice to their friends to choose their next victim, perhaps touch think of alternatives that do recommend series in conditions , interesting and know that you will like from minute one . For this, today we speak of Buaala , a very recent and little known application that has great potential to recommend us what to see and order the content we see.
What does Buaala allow us to do? With it we will be able to select the content sources from which we visualize it (both the traditional ones and the alternatives like Netflix) and it will recommend us what to see according to our data and our tastes or history of visualizations, and it is based on an algorithm that wants to know us To suggest what to see depending on your interactions, both with the app - which series you have seen - and with your friends through the chat of the application itself.
And this algorithm is not precisely turkey mucus, but it will also suggest us Amazon products depending on what we have seen lately. It will work? Will I finally find my cup of Frank Underwood? It will be necessary to see to what extent it comes to know this algorithm.
On the other hand, it will allow us to create our personalized TV grid so that we always know what to watch at all times, to follow and be aware of the new chapters of our favorite series - or those that could be - or even comment in real time. And with this we not only refer to the streaming service that you have contracted, but also the schedule of other television channels.
Another of the distinctive features of Buaala is that it allows us to share our opinions about the series, about a chapter or simply chat with other users with our same tastes , so that we can surround ourselves with a great community similar to us and that becomes our Best friend in front of the screen. At last we will have to ship with our favorite characters, or simply comment on the last chapter until the next one arrives.
In general, Buaala is an application to facilitate our lives , to offer us recommended series that may interest us and to surround us with people with the same tastes as us, so do not wait any longer and download it now!

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