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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Choose secure passwords on your devices

For everything we need passwords. Opening the mail, downloading an application or accessing online services are some examples of this. It is cumbersome to memorize several , since on certain occasions in some service we have simple passwords and in others the pattern is more complex because we are asked to access this service.
Apple has a very useful tool that is iCloud Keyring. It is a service in the cloud that allows you to store your passwords and synchronize it with the rest of Apple devices that you have associated with your ID . Therefore, and if you activate it, you will forget to have to memorize so many. Another feature to keep in mind of this service is to use the passwords that the keychain suggests the first time you access a site. The combination that Apple provides is an amalgam of letters, numbers and signs virtually impossible to remember. In addition, you should not worry about security, since the information between your device and the servers where they are stored travels encrypted .
ICloud user panel and password
The Safari browser will save our access codes , if you want to review them you can do so quickly following the path Settings> Safari> Passwords , once you reach that point you will be asked for the Touch ID or your password for the Apple ID. You can view or even edit them .
Security code on iOS 7

Tips to Apply Now

  • For your iPhone or iPad use a 6-digit access code, or an alphanumeric combination of them ..
  • Never put obvious passwords like 1234, 0000 or your date of birth. Forget simple words.
  • Use combinations of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and some symbol (· $ &%)
  • Do you use keyboard in Spanish? We have an ally, our dear letter √Ď. Use it.
  • Never write passwords on paper. In any case, the Notes application is your ally and obviously protecting that note with a code or with Touch ID.
Tell us how you do to protect access to your sites and applications, we wait for you in comments and do not forget to share .

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